There’s a nervy sense when entering into anything ‘new’… an awkward excitement that begins to circle the concept of your ‘first’ anything really….When you are hopeful for greatness but at the same time know that a bloody and painful death is equally possible.  It’s like, the fin in the water - it could be Flipper or it could be Jaws…you catch my drift!

The release of a ‘new’ collection will always stir up these vibes…you kind of know that it’s awesome…but you can’t say it out loud in case you jinx it…and after spending the last 3 months pawing all over it, tweaking it to utter perfection, a small piece of you is sprinkled throughout the collection…Rexona loads of sweat…and Kleenex boxes of tears. It’s a high blood pressure game and not for the faint of heart BUT….it’s SO worth it when we see you – our hot tomale spunkette followers and customers out in force dressed in your Pasduchas faves….

And then there is this other shiny ‘new’ fabulousness to deal with…our latest staffer. Definitely AWESOME…we actually love her but we can’t let on since she’ll think we are mental…it’s just that we are so excited each morning to see her and listen to her new and super cool ideas but then as responsible business owners we know we are meant to behave a little more professionally…What ever, Britt, we are totally crushing on you right now….Welcome to our chaos!

And speaking of chaos - do yourself a favour and join us in our ‘new’ obsession. Head to our e-store and snap up some of our ‘new’ collection aptly named NOUVEAU… and while scrolling through our fresh offering, spare a thought for our designers who are now completely consumed with our next ‘new’ collection coming soon….



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