Ahh July….that oddly awkward month that in fashion speak is referred to as ‘transeasonal’… But, in actual fact is the weird time that new Spring style begins to deliver to stores, flooding our instagram feeds and yet the blistering weather outside still remains temperate enough for even an eskimo to want to hibernate under polar bear fur for at least another two months….

It seems we do not feel the ice on the morning air while sporting new season short, leggy minis which we’ve paired with Winter chunky polo knits and thigh high suede boots…striking that necessary deal with ourselves that says, “Yes, I acknowledge it is 3 degrees above freezing outside but that little bit of skin between my skirt and my boots doesn’t really get cold anyway” …because you see….it’s transeasonal….

And, as the weeks roll on through July, sleeves become less important, warmth in fabric no longer required yet colours featured in print and plain options remain dark, shadowy and moody…because you see….that’s transeaonal too….

We at Pasduchas are no different….hypnotised by the optimism of the new (and warmer) season ahead. Willing it to draw upon us…Excited by soon to come Spring events that will fill our social calendars where we will once again be motivated to emerge from beneath our cozy doona’s, shave our legs and tan so that the Valencia filter may not be required.

None of this is to say that the new Pasduchas July collection is at all a ‘responsible’ option to ward off those foggy yet crisp days BUT one thing is for sure - we’ll be braving the chill if it means we can be sporting these luxe pieces.

Hope you love our  latest ‘transeasonal’ collection, Ophelia.

Alicia Arcuri

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