So Christmas is done, New Years hangovers officially forgotten - and you are a size and a half larger than the clothes in your wardrobe….And even though you know the bank account just will not allow it, the urge to stock up on seriously coveted sale items takes over. Before you know it, you’ve made a deal with yourself to lose the extra 5kgs you’ve inherited via spending your grocery money on a new pair of MUST HAVE Louboutin’s …. Afterall, you bought them on sale therefore you MADE money right?? Plus you really shouldn’t be eating this week anyway….

 And while exploring the wonders of the sale rack, new season items seem to emerge…beckoning in temptation, calling out your name…Full priced new collection items?? This was NOT the deal….BUT….I really need this killer dress to wear with my new sale Loubotin’s….so now grocery money and rent money is gone, but BOY will I look HOT in this outfit!

 It’s the trick us fashion brands all use, we do it out of love of course…kind of like a fashion fairy god mother making sure you get the best of sale and splurge items…(thank us later). Especially after all that money spent on millions of relatives over Christmas – you deserve something new!! Here’s what I’ve been ogling…

 So with that said, do yourself a favour and check out our online sale… …who knows, you may also find something beautiful from our new NOUVEAU collection, it’s worth a look, besides rent isn’t due til the end of the month…

Alicia Arcuri

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