In an industry obsessed with ‘the new’ and ‘the next’, it’s pretty widely accepted that as designers and as a brand we are constantly developing. Each new collection is an extension of the last where we invariably try to out-do ourselves and our competition. And by ‘developing’ I don’t just mean growing ( although that’s nice too ) …I mean creating new fabrications ( I’m flicking between supplier emails and this piece right now ) and collaborating with the industry’s quiet creatives and tenacious agencies who too are seeking out evolutionary adaptations to continue to grow our brand….

 You know how they say ‘it takes a village to raise a child’… well it takes said village, neighboring towns people, cross river folk and wild outlaws to advance a fashion brand. By the time you see a new Pasduchas collection in store, a dedicated crew of individuals have painstakingly pawed over every item for no less than 6 months from the collection’s inception.

And while it is our work and we pride ourselves on such, the unspoken pursuit of creative satisfaction, impeccable craftsmanship and heightened sales records is not something easy to come by. In an industry full of bruised ego’s, self righteous dicks and nonsensical politics, it is a pleasure to be surrounded by a national team who tirelessly strive for more.

The word, development, in itself implies change and with change comes the start of new and exciting beginnings but also the closing of successful partnerships. They say ‘it’s not personal – it’s just business’ but from someone sitting in front of their lap top at 9.55 on a Friday night I would say – it’s all been very personal to me and my gratitude to all of those who’ve had a hand in developing Pasduchas til now is as immeasurable as your commitment to the same. Looking forward to more development with you all.

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