It’s no secret that shoulders are having a serious moment…I suppose since no-one ever complained of having ‘fat shoulders’ it’s a polished trend that almost all of us mere mortals can actually get into. Although, given the blistering cold July brings, bare shouldered styles are probably not the most functional of sorts as my fiancée will point out…’So where are you going to wear that?”…. 

“Groceries… Or maybe Work “…He really should know me better by now.

I’m that girl that is always just a touch too put together – pretty much for no reason other than I just want to wear ALL of my fave things ALL of the time…and right now I’m head over heels into my shoulders!! I’m not normally one for bare skin, but give me an exposed décolletage any day of the week.

 I guess my point is that while it’s nice to get dressed up for a special occasion, it’s also nice to feel special for no occasion and clothing is the perfect portal. It makes complete sense to justify a purchase for some lavish event where you are destined to be seen, photographed and tagged but think about this…Investing in a wardrobe that is a visual extension of your personality for the most monotonous daily errands is way more intriguing. And just more cool! 

So with that said, and that little voice in the back of your head TOTALLY agreeing with me right now, I’d say it’s a good time to check out our new Spring off-shoulder styles. Maybe you have a momentous social event coming up, or maybe you just need milk….


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