Dispatching a new collection is what I imagine it is to be Santa Clause at Christmas time… Parcels filled with every girls lustworthy, hand crafted items are sent all over the world from our workroom packed lovingly with care by our busy dispatch elves! And, having waited for 3 months since placing their wish lists, our eager stockists await the arrival of their new season goodies, brimming with excitement to rip open parcels and show off all their new stuff – it’s glistening wide eyes and rosy smiles all round right…?

And while the naughty and nice squeal with delight at each new style received, the dispatch elves back at the workroom are motionless – in a coma of sorts from the frenzied packing whirlwind of chaos that ensued for a week before the lead up to delivery. Empty racks once filled with beautiful new season dresses are skeletal with only a few naked wire hangers swinging…The room once filled with print, colour and vibrancy is bare…and yet there is a calm – Relief that the stock was sent to good new homes in enough time!...DRAMATIC MUCH?? 

They say ‘all good things come to those who wait’… but in fashion that is simply just not true – did YOU ever WAIT as kid at the Christmas tree….?? Neither did I! And there’s nothing like telling a 20+ female to ‘wait’ for her delivery to reduce her to a tantrum throwing, foot stomping 5 year old version of her former self!

So with the next wave of new season deliveries in store now and more fast approaching, our elves are in overdrive… It seems Christmas is due to fall upon us again in another couple week’s time! Keep your eyes posted for brand new Pasduchas deliveries at your local boutique….or take a look here…


Alicia Arcuri


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