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Real Love

Good friend of the brand Dee walks us through the greatest weekend of her life. Set in the beautiful nature setting of the Woods Farm, we fell in love with their real love...





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How did you know Grant was your ‘one’?

It was instant. A natural connection that grew from a friendship. I was completely myself around him, there was no guessing at any time and it was refreshing. I did get a little nudge… after what was suppose to be a first date in his mind, obliviously thinking we were just friends I brought one of my besties along, who kindly pointed out...

‘he is wonderful, if you don’t date him I will!'

Which certainly made me look at our friendship differently. Early on, we talked about plans for our future and we shared the same dreams relating to family, goals, finances etc. We both also have our own personal goals and are each other's biggest fan. We became inseparable and that’s when I could no longer picture my days without him so I knew he was my lucky one

and just like that it finally made sense why nothing else ever worked out. He was the one!

Paint us a picture of your day…

It was a fairly restless night the night before as my mind was buzzing thinking through the day and all the planning. I really don’t think I slept much at all yet I woke up feeling refreshed. We had an early start, made easy waking up in the beautiful nature setting of the Woods Farm with a glowing orange sky. I had some of my nearest and dearest girls with me, having a good belly laugh while we were pampered with hair and makeup and lined our tummies with egg and bacon rolls (extra crispy bacon of course). Does it get any better!?! It was a super chilled morning getting ready. 

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Then it was time to make it official! I started to feel emotional as I watched my brother walk my gorgeous girls toward the chapel. I had Mum and Dad on each arm as we walked down the most beautiful outdoor arch aisle, covered in jasmine to Lauren Cassidy’s beautiful voice, ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love’. We requested no phones in the ceremony and had asked everyone to face the front with the chapel doors closed so that when they opened...

Grant would be the first to see me and we could share that special moment. 

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Everything in that moment stood still.

When I reached those incredibly beautiful, rustic wooden doors I took a deep breath. Everything in that moment stood still. The acoustic vocals had reached the point in the song were it had built and there was a long pause- it was so powerful, I felt my heart beating out of my chest. There wasn’t a sound. I couldn’t believe it was my time and I was marrying the man of my dreams. The doors opened. Our eyes locked, both filled with tears. It was the most incredible feeling, I was adamant to be in the moment and allow myself to feel all the feels. I was heart warmingly surprised to see all of the groomsmen with glazed eyes, that was special. I love my husband's mates!

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I don’t think there were enough tissues to go around

We had written our own vowels, along with our beautiful children who shared their own personal promises for us and their wishes from us to them.. I don’t think there were enough tissues to go around. The entire ceremony was truly touching and I could feel my heart smiling. It was offical!

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WE DID IT! Rose petals softly falling from above and any planning worries had completely left me. I had just married my person and now we party. 

I don’t think I’ve ever heard a louder ‘encore‘ aggressively begged to the DJ, which of course he delivered! The classic Horses by Daryl Braithwaite which had everyone singing at the top of their lungs.. finished off nicely with our sparkler exit under the night stars. Words couldn’t tell you just how magical the entire weekend was. I’d do anything to go back in time and be on that dance floor, take another snap in the photo booth or to be in that corner with my husband watching out at the love surrounding us.

The details of the entire weekend truly made it so special, I wouldn’t change a thing.

A moment from your day that you will cherish

A few stand out to me. Wow, how to pick one.

‘Can you feel the love tonight’ sung live by Lauren Cassidy.

Everyone was singing, hand in hand. The room was overwhelmingly filled with so much love, I’ll never forget the feeling. Grant was in front of me dancing with my MIL and I had the dad and daughter dance of my dreams. A very special moment with my dad. For a minute it felt like there was no one else in the room. We didn’t say a word, we just looked into each other's glazed eyes and appreciated the special bond we share. Every time I watch the videos back I get goosebumps of this moment.

My first dance with my husband.

He surprised me with an original track from Stillman, (@stillman) a brilliant up and coming artist from Nashville called ‘I Choose You’. I was absolutely blown away and speechless. And now I play it regularly through Spotify in my car and it gets the happy tears rolling every time.

The day after

If a camera was filming you’d see two blabbering, laughing messes. We just kept remembering special moments from the weekend and the tears would flow. Sharing stories ‘do you remember when.. did you see’ We’d take it in turns to laugh at each other until the laughing became contagious. If you could bottle the overwhelmingly heart warming feeling we felt, you’d be on to something magic! .

What does your future hold?

Family. Enjoy the now and our young family, because time is the biggest thief and I already look back and think how did we get here?! More camping trips, more adventures, continue to prioritise and make time for ‘us’ amongst the chaos of running a business and a young family with date days/nights. Along with one day we hope to build our dream home together, making memories, and enjoy life.

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