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Whole Loder Love

High school sweethearts Tom & Sophie Loder etched a night forever in our memories...

A weekend full of celebration and a 'Whole Loder Love'





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How did you know Tom was your ‘one’?

There isn’t a precise moment that comes to mind – for me, it was always him. It’s been over a decade of us, we went to high school together and looking back at 16 and 17 year old us, all that we have achieved and grown since then makes my heart smile.

it was always him

We’ve grown up together, travelled the world together and I guess there was always an unexplainable comfort, happiness and sense of home whenever I’m with him so I never second guessed it. 

Paint us a picture of your day…

We got married at The Cove in Jervis Bay. A beachside wedding deep in the national park on the South Coast NSW. We grew up holidaying down the South Coast and it was also where Tom proposed, so it was a no brainer that we would decide to tie the knot there too. It has and always will have a special place in our hearts.  

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All 150 of our family and friends were able to stay onsite with us for the whole weekend. It was such a vibe! The night before we made it offical, we were able to spend some quality time and catch up with all our nearest and dearest. This was perfect because it meant on the wedding day we didn’t feel rushed to say our hellos, rather we were able to spend that quality time with each other as newly weds. 

The next morning was super chill as we got pampered in one the Cove’s stunning cabins with the best bride tribe by my side. My memory of that morning was just a whole lot of excitement to finally be marrying my other half.

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a moment I’ll cherish forever.

It was time to make it offical. We tied the knot by the water at The Cove. This which was pretty special as Tom had proposed right on the other side of the inlet at Berrara Beach. The whole ceremony was so magical and a moment I’ll cherish forever. 

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the most magical weekend of our lives

We returned from photos for cocktail hour and we were in absolute shock to see our guests had already kicked off a dance floor. The rain was not stopping them. Umbrellas were up and the vibes were high. Our friends and family sure know how to party! The party continued into reception as we shared speeches, ate some delicious food and got everyone involved in a family drinking game tradition of boat races. Then it was our DJs time to shine and pick up where he left off. He was an absolute wizard and had everyone dancing. It was such an epic night. We all had sore feet and heads in the morning but it was truely the most magical weekend of our lives.

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Freeze frame, tell us one moment from your day that you will cherish. 

The whole day was so perfect it’s hard to choose only one moment.

The ceremony, seeing each other at the isle and sharing our vows was unforgettable.

We have each others vows in a picture frame on our bedsides. I love that we can read them at any time for the rest of our lives and cast our minds back to that moment. There was also something special about the ceremony and being surrounded by all your loved ones who are just so genuinely happy for you, it was such a pinch me moment. 

The pre ceremony morning 

The pre ceremony morning there was this precise moment when I was alone with the photographers right before I had to walk to the ceremony. They asked me to look down at my bouquet for a quick photo. I had a little photo of my late pa attached to my bouquet. It was this wave of emotion that took my breath away and tears welled up in my eyes. It was this bitter sweet moment of my heart aching because I wished he was here with me but knowing he was right beside me to walk me down the aisle. Right after that the rain clouds that had been drizzling on and off all morning literally parted, blue skies emerged and this big beam of sunshine peaked through just as the ceremony was about to kick off. It was like he was looking down and smiling as he watched from above. 

what does the future hold?

Hopefully a whole lot of love, laughter, adventure and some little humans to join our tribe.

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