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Under the polished veneer of a campaign is the labour of a well-oiled team. Battling the elements, powering through look after look, energy levels burning steadily throughout the day, everything coming together in a perfect storm to bring forth the era of Solar. As a new addition to the Pasduchas team as the Social Media Coordinator, I offer Solar viewed through (iPhone) lens.


True to the name of the collection, we dared to capture the sun. The rough terrain of Cronulla proved to be both a delight and a challenge. The unique striations of the rock face and proximity to the water provided ample creativity. With the sun high in the sky, it blanketed the team in warmth and made the initial stages of the shoot a breeze.

Our striking model Nilamée became one with the sun. She effortlessly danced from one pose to the next. The end result was a sculptural wonder with her hair wild from the wind, charging our collection with so much energy. Even when the day grew cold, Nilamée powered through admirably.

A cluster around the photographer can only mean one thing; the stars have aligned for a magnificent shot. The energy as we looked through the previews was palpable. At this point, we had run into some issues that arise from shooting on location as opposed to a controlled studio environment.

The portable flash was running low on battery and required a powerful outlet to charge. We had managed to procure one midway through the shoot but until then it was quite the drama.

To ensure the safety of our model, we provided her with house slippers to stand on and strategically framed each shot unless it was a landscape one. As the day wore on, the warmth from the morning faded and we bundled her in a blanket between each outfit change.

The excitement of the day was unlike any other. Everyone produced their best work and the transition between each outfit was seamless. This was evident in how we managed to shoot every look we had prepared ensuring that Solar would be the collection to remember. All of this could only be achieved through the incredible synergy of the Pasduchas creative team. This shoot will always be looked on fondly for us.

Photographer: Alex Arcuri

Hair & Makeup: Amy Hanneman

Models: Nilamée Gnocchini

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